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Solitaire, first became popular in 18th century France and it is popular around the world today!
Playing Solitaire has never been easier than it is now, with modern technology. The deck of cards is electronically sorted and aligned and and the cards are all cascaded electronically.
The game app deals three playing cards face up-turned from the stock deck and places them into a waste card pile. The top playing cardmay be used, as any top card from any card column may be. Playable cards may be placed onto other card columns, by numerical sequence and alternating playing-card color, or onto the foundation piles of their individual card suit, also in numerical order. Groups of cards may be taken from one column and placed to another column, as long as they remain in sequence The top card of a column is turned over when the face-up cards are removed. Any time a column is used up, that space may only be refilled with a King card of any suit.
As the card are moved between the waste pile and the active columns they are free for use in the card foundations. You may reuse the cards from the waste pile when the stock deck is depleted. Once the suits are completed in their foundations, or a point is achieved where the card play can go no further, the game is over and you must start again. Solitaire is a fun and relaxing game to play any time that you have a few minutes or a few hours to hone your Solitaire card gaming skills.