There are several addictive behaviors that cause serious consequences such as alcohol, smoking, drug and even gambling. These are all unsafe to health and may result big problem in personal, work and family life; not mentioning the law. However there are some addictive behaviors which seem to be benevolent since this does not wreck people’s lives and damages the body. Nevertheless such benign addiction can rob some simple life’s joy and precious time with loved ones and family. For example the solitaire game: traditional and online which appears to be simple card game only. This game can cause solitaire addiction once used abusively.

So, what is solitaire? There are two types on how this can be played: First, the traditional game that makes you physically involve using cards; while second, virtual or online game that can be utilized using computer or other gadgets such as laptop, mobile phone and tablet. This game can be beneficial if you know you limit, however there are some who push that limits that leads to negative result such as addiction.

Since most people work hard and deals with great pressure and stress every day, they are looking for something that can make them happing without spending any cash and playing solitaire is one of the ideal way. Even if some solitaire requires membership fees and even bets, still, there are more sites that offer this game free of charge to address people’s boredom.

People usually start playing solitaire as their simple diversion, then it will quickly progress which makes it hard for them to stop or avoid playing it. This people’s dialogue is –just one more game. This one more game will increase, this are triggered especially if they won mot of time. You might be wondering why they don’t even recognize the time they are wasting, simply because they are more focus on winning and competing.

Expect that solitaire addiction will lead dereliction of obligation and duties such as making dinner, spending moments with family, helping kid with their homework, cleaning dirty barroom, washing dinner and even taking a bath. In short, solitaire addiction decreases people life quality without them even knowing it. Common solitaire addict are those who lives alone such as singles who are lonely, they are easy prey since they perform less responsibility and nobody is looking after them. Older people such as seniors can also acquire this because of pure boredom.

This only means that people who start compulsively playing solitaire simply waste their time. For those only people, this only increases loneliness while discouraging them into taking steps in interacting socially. If you have known someone suffering from this, you definitely wondering how to help them and cope up with the situation. Well, this can be done by helping them recognize the time their wasting playing the game. Its best to track and record their time spent daily playing this entertaining yet unproductive game.

Through this, they themselves can able to see the amount of time wasted playing rather than doing valuable things such as working or cleaning the house. They also need support from the family to overcome addiction by making them feel loved and cared.