One of the popular card games that are uses several names globally is –Solitaire. This game exact origin is unknown however it was believed that this actually initiated during 17th century. The game got popular in France during 18th century and Napoleon Bonaparte claimed to be the first fan of this card game. It was believed that Napoleon used to playing solitaire when he got exile in 1816 at St. Helena. It’s not last part of 18th century when solitaire entered England and termed as patience. During the time that it reached England, once again it started gaining popularity rapidly and within span of years, it gained popularity all globally as well.

Now, this card game was made available online to cater enthusiasts that seek other players globally. This pastime game can be access for free on various websites for you not to worry about empty pocket. While other sites give player chance to win prizes and cash as well. Not all solitaire game requires internet connection since there is offline software that allows you to access it anytime and anywhere.

Do you know that solitaire has various variations? One of which refers to be the Klondike solitaire. This gain recognition since the higher speed you play the higher score you will get. Arguably, solitaire had been the most addictive game since this allow you to play with other people of various raced all over the world of various level as well.

Benefits of Online Solitaire

Do you know that playing traditional solitaire game can develop ailments such as arthritis and less vision that make card shuffling more trickier. With virtual solitaire, you do not have to shuffle since shuffling is done automatically by your computer. Even turning over and dealing with the cards are performed by computer too. All gave to do is to click the mouse or button of your keyboard. For larger and much convenient use, surface can be adjusted according to your comfort.
This game is ideal to those who prefer single or multiple plays. If you’re bored, solitaire is the best past time. This gives unconditional enjoyment, thrill and excitement. You do not have to depend on friends or family just to play the game. In this demanding life, you have to expect that not all people close to you have time to play card with you. Playing solitaire online does not require friends and early time arrangement to play. By turning computer on, your solitaire is 100% ready to give you valuable time.
Now, you can practice more and challenge other players too. There are some sites that encompass forum or text chats for their player have the chance to talk with other, have fun and gain friends.
There are instances that you will get stuck in between, however with online solitaire you will experience less pressure and stress since this provide hint feature that will aid play efficiently and win.
Online solitaire does not require special effort and commitment since whenever you get uncomfortable or bored; you can easily leave the game and start a new one. Unlike traditional solitaire game, there will be no one that you need to give you reasons or answers to.