Solitaire game poses for major types which had become very popular both online and table top cards game. The said four solitaire games include free cell, Pyramid, Klondike and Spider Solitaire. When it comes to Spider Solitaire, players utilizes two deals and decks out of the 55 cards in 10 piles situated in tableau format among top card that place faced-up.

The game starts by using top card that are in pile in establishing cards sequence regardless of the suits from King-Ace. If ever all cards from the tableau are removed, any groups of card could be moved in the said spot. One single card are allowed to move at time except when grouping card sequence is available which can be moved as well.

If there are no probable moves, the last cards could be dealt to each pile. After you dealt cards left, there will be no possible re-deal. You game ends once you win by making eight complete sequences or no plays are available once all cards are dealt.

Free cell solitaire on the other hand is the second game formed and established by Paul Alfille. This game is played using one whole deck were in entire deck needs to be dealt into eight pile tableau form among four cells situated above the pile and four foundation piles. Different form are available in spider solitaire, single card are allows to move from tableaus to cells are will, and cards from the cell could be moved back into tableaus or situated into foundations. Foundation pile I created in alternating color from Ace-King and player can won the game by establishing four suits to foundation piles.

Pyramid Solitaire is the third variant played with single deck. There are 28 cards that are dealt into 7 rows in a pyramid form. Cards that are uncovered in pyramid are obtainable for play. Even the one that is dealt into waste of the deck is available for playing as well.

Players could chose two cards were in sum is thirteen. Once the said two cards had been chosen, it will be disregarded to discard pile. The kings can also be selected at their own value is 13 in the game. If there’s no available plays remain in the pyramid the cards could be dealt and played into available deck. Players can re-deal two times and the game will end once no plays are obtainable and once player won by pairing entire cards to sum of 13.

Klondike Solitaire is the fourth major type of this card game. This game is similar to free cell and pyramid however Klondike is played through single deck. 28 cards needs to be dealt into 7 different rows with single care placed at first, two to second, three on third and so on and so forth. The card at the top of ever pile is situated face-up. The said face-up cars on ever tableau piles are obtainable along with other cards that are situated in waste. Iles are established through alternating color.

Grouped and single card can be transferred. Once cards are transferred from tableau pile, next card will be uncovered and available for play. Empty tableau could be filled using one King or group of cards sequence that start with King as well. If ever there no obtainable plays that are left in tableaus, you can dealt the cards from stock deck. There will be three cards available with each stock used.